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Great Smiles

This gentleman was over the moon that we could fix his unsightly crown so he was happy to show his teeth again

This lady was very pleased when we managed to straighten and even out her crooked smile with new porcelain crowns

This lady was unhappy with her mismatched teeth. We renewed her smile and made he happy with her teeth once more!

This gentleman was very impressed by the way we were able to straighten and reshape his teeth with new porcelain crowns

This lady had been told that the only way to fix her smile was to have them out and a plastic denture instead! We found a way to save her teeth and make her smile again!

This gentleman was really unhappy with the way his teeth looked with our help he has a great smile once more

This lady was unhappy with wearing a denture and decided to have implants placed to fill the gaps and get rid of her denture!